My own Comic Brand–A Dream Coming True?

Been a while since I blogged–and as I begin the countdown to my 30th Birthday(cripes) I realize things may be going better soon as I’m planning on Kickstarter-Funding my life’s dream: My OWN Comic Brand.

I’ve been an avid Artist since I was a kid, doodling, sketching, and so on like MOST kids did in the Late 1980s/Early 1990s with “attempts” at making TMNT pics…which I still have a few of, and shudder a little at how crude/crappy they looked.

Things progressed, and my skills improved, and eventually I took my own little imaginary characters at Recess with some friends, which I eventually started designing/drawing, and so on…which only grew into something like 3-400 characters, over 500 individual comic issues drawn(not mere panels, but full 15-30 page issues).

Sure, the older ones look really crappy, but they evolved and as I mastered my art, and even developed good writing skills and telling stories that connected from here-to-there, tying things in, and loving to answer questions that I’d left WIDE Open in older storylines–making myself get a penchant for writing, alongside the Comics.

IF things work, and Kickstarter becomes the first bit of funds to self-produce and self-publish Comics, I’ll achieve the dream I’ve seemingly had most of my life.

*Crosses Fingers*

Welcome to Fyree’s Blog–TNE Admin!!

Well, this is the FIRST blog of mine for The Nintendo Element–the Perfect Place for Nintendo Gamers!!

Just sort of a bit about the site for starters:
We’ve been around since Aug 2, 2013. We’re a Wii U and 3DS Wifi Hub(Online Gaming) and Gaming Forum. Mario Kart, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and so on.

There are other sections for ALL Nintendo and other Game systems as well.


A bit about me:

I’m an Animator/Artist and Writer, creating cartoons for Youtube, and writing Science Fiction to boot.

I’ve been a Gamer since the early 90’s, and own all major Nintendo Consoles, and over 150 games. Mario games are my faves typically, but TETRIS for the NES/GB and 3DS versions are my fave game(s) of all time–AND I’m seriously addicted to Animal Crossing!!

More Later